Thursday, 28 June 2012

Cats- A Dollar Academy Production

Dollar Academy took on one of my favourite shows and I will admit, I was worried! I knew that the school had some fantastic vocalists but, as a dance show, I had the suspicion that Cats would be too big a challenge.

I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did those amazing vocals find their way perfectly though Lloyd Webber's score, there was some beautiful pieces of movement too.

On the whole I felt that it needed more dance as there was too many moments of stillness on stage during the big songs, but there were a few girls in particular who absolutely nailed it. They moved like felines, whether waiting at the side of the stage, sitting posed, walking or dancing, every muscle movement was thought out. It was a pleasure to watch these few girls who had clearly looked for inspiration from their nearest pussy cat.

I had hoped to see more choreography from Cats, which is so famous as a dance show. The school has the talent, it just needs to be nurtured, polished up and choreographed.....if these things had been done this show could have been outstanding.

I can't believe some of the kids were only in 4th year....what a magical show. This school delivers once again with stunning scenery and costumes.... I went to the dress rehearsal so that really says something! The sound was spot on and the band sounded great....all done by school pupils. I heard the rest of the show week was a great success- congratulations!

Dance Moms

So I've discovered the TV show 'Dance Moms' online and all I can say is WOW-those kids can dance! The girls in the competition team have lovely technique, great poise and the fighting spirit that will help them make it in the dance world. As for the teacher.....well apparantly she produces 'employable' dancers but she needs to be more professional and stop starting arguments with the mums in front of the children. It's horrible to see adults behaving in this way and they should be setting an example for these young girls so that they grow up to be polite but confident in their dance careers.

I love watching this for the dance as the girls do a competition every week. The rest of the chat and drama-rama that goes on with the mums is irritating and at times I skip to the dances and put my laptop on mute.

Try's addictive!