Sunday, 7 October 2012

The Barrowlands Project- 8th September 2012

I went to see Michael Clark's Barrowlands Project as I knew I few people in the community cast and I'd heard wonderful things about the choreography.

I wasn't disappointed. The performance was stunning, shocking, technically brilliant and visually spectacular. The community cast were a highlight for me, I'm not sure if it was because I knew people in it or not, though I do love mass choreography. Just seeing everyone moving together, crossing patterns, making geometric shapes and coming on and off the ballroom floor with speed and accuracy was really really exciting! The Barrowland ballroom made for an atmospheric back drop, perfect for Michael Clark's work as it has a sort of dark, slightly dingy-vintage appeal.

The music really suited the choreography, and the company made use of the space, creating depth and height to otherwise simple but effective movements. Female dancer Kate was a favourite of mine, her feminine strength and height (ok, I'm bias as a fellow tall person) were mesmerising, and she performed with such ferocity and control. All of the company had amazing strength, particularly core strength which was obvious from Michael's use of floor work and suspension. The hanged man had me holding my breath while the community section had me out of breath, trying to keep a track of what was coming next.

Wonderful setting, wonderful choreography, wonderful dancers....just wonderful!