Monday, 16 September 2013

London Trip May 2013: Viva Forever, Top Hat and A Chorus Line

My mum and I had our annual trip to London at the end of May this year and, as usual, we spent most of our time inside theatres watching musicals!

The first show we went to see was the much-discussed 'Viva Forever!'. A lazy script full of characters based on ones from television comedy shows, poorly constructed story-lines and deseprate attempts to make fun of popular culture. My point of view on these elements of the show agree with that of critics, however, what the critics have failed to appreciate is the cast, set, music, acting, singing and dancing. A Spice Girls fan at heart, this show was very enjoyable, included many of the Spice Girls' big hits and the singers and musicians made them sound show-stopping. The acting and dancing were energetic and exciting and the whole show was really good fun. We were dancing in the aisles, spicing up our lives girl power-style. Magic.

The second show we went to see was the Olivier award-winning 'Top Hat'. Stunning, traditional musical comedy poured from the stage from curtain up. The band were terrific and dancing energetic, characterised and typically 30s. The costumes and set were wonderful, and all of the elements of a fantastic musical theatre show fitted together perfectly. It had the 'feel good' factor and filled the gap within the theatre world at the moment where there are only a few old-style musicals with traditional charm and humour. I was so sad to hear that this show is to close as it was truly the best show I've seen in years.

Our final theatre-trip of the London holiday was to see 'A Chorus Line'. I had heard a lot about this show, including the fact that there was no interval! My mum was quite tired that night but managed through the one-act show due to it's engaging content, fantastic score and well-scripted characters. This show had thought-provoking content, taking each character as an individual including great songs, striking monologues and, at times, quite crazy dancing! The ending was so fitting to the role of a chorine and, although it was set in the 70s (or 80s?), so many of the stories are so relevant to people today. I was laughing, crying, stunned to silence and energised beyond belief all in the one show. I hope I get the chance to go and see this show again...really soon!

Bring on London 2014 Mum :)