Monday, 29 November 2010

Dancing in the Snow

Today I created my own version of Singing in the Rain....Dancing in the Snow! Nothing makes me feel happier to be alive than dancing along the street singing and listening to the crunch of the untouched snow under my feet!

I stopped occasionally to take a breath of the cool fresh air and let a snow flake fall onto my tongue.

I LOVE winter, I hope everyone is keeping safe and warm in the snow. Try dancing along the pavement next time you're out, I promise you, it will make you feel free and fall back in love with the white stuff!

Friday, 19 November 2010

Everybody cut FOOTLOOSE!

Pantheon is a club I have been eager to join for years after being a member of the other big Glasgow am-dram club, The Apollo Players. They always deliver a great show and footloose didn't disappoint!

I have to say I could be bias here as my boyfriend was playing guitar in the band and one of my best girls Faye Wiggins was a comedy character and dancer.

Faye belted out "Been working so hard!" to open the show and already won me over! I loved every minute of her performance and was so happy to be genuinely ecstatic about a friend's performance! She was full of enthusiasm, her facial expressions, attention to detail and strong dance ability making her easily one of the strongest cast members.

Donna Douglas, playing the character of Urleen shone out from the others in the main dance sequences, her accuracy of footwork coupled by natural charisma drew my attention to her everytime she came on stage.

The cast were overall really professional, the odd technical hitch with microphones hardly affected the powerful voice of Ariel and every one of the young male singers were matched in ability to the lead. As is usual for an amateur group, there is always one male lead that sticks out by having little dance ability. This was a little awkward to start but once he got into the show a bit more, his character took over and the movement flowed better.

I was so energised by Pantheon's production I left feeling really excited and desperate to get back into musicals myself! The club is going from strength to strength and I am seriously considering auditioning for their next production, High School Musical.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010


Wow! After seeing Strictly Tap Dance Fever, Tap Dogs and now Stomp, I really have had the best year at the theatre!

Stomp was a fast=paced, energetic 1 hour 40 minute straight-through show. The musicality of each performer was used to the highest level and the characters developed during each section were intriguing and funny.

My favourite sequence was the newspapers. The ways they were used to create sound and rhythm was inventive and original, each new sequence delivered with astounding accuracy.

The cast looked at all time like they were having the time of their lives, and so they should! I would kill to perform in this show!

This is definitely a show for all the family and I'm not one to use that phrase! Usually it describes shows for me that are for couples with children but Stomp was honestly the most fun performance I have seen in a long time, enjoyed by the small child in front of me as much as the elderly couple behind.

I am feeling very spoiled after a very rhythmical 2010 so far!

Friday, 5 November 2010

My rejection...

I got a wonderful rejection letter from a theatre company today. The man said that he prefers to work alone due to the current financial climate (not due to the fact that he cleary has social problems!) and along with many other narrow-minded statements about dance came out with this:

"The world doesn't need another dancer"

I wonder how he thinks he knows what the world needs. Moving on.... :)