Friday, 11 January 2013

Class with Errol White

This morning and yesterday morning I attended class with Errol White. Both involved 2 hours of technique, with a solid focus on alignment, clarity of movement, space and moving with the music. The technique was somewhat based in Cunningham with a Graham-esque feel too (my spine hurts... A LOT!). It was so lovely to focus on technique and moving each part of my body both in isolation and as one. Never have I ever concentrated so hard on knitting my rib cage to my abdominal muscles and dropping my pelvis. I feel that I danced with more power than I thought I was capable of, and developed trust in my body that I could relax and throw myself into the space whilst being safe and held by my centre.

Sadly, I can't make it tomorrow morning, so thank you very very much to Errol White, you have really inspired me to work hard at my core strength, now that I really see how it feels when everything is engaged. Tortured fun......